The Photographer


Michael Armstrong has an imposing silhouette when garbed in his duster and his proper hat, but a warm and hearty handshake will immediately belay any misgivings.

When not working with technology, he relaxes by listenting to his formidable music library, running around in the woods with a GPS looking for a Geocache, or stomping around railroad switchyards taking pictures of rolling stock.

He enjoys all manner of live music shows, and is especially tickled when the band plays louder than his tinnitus.

Ask nicely and he might show you his Newton.

The Photos

These photos are things I find while out and about around the Twin Cities, MN. After all, why should the New Yorkers have all the fun?

Although I'm not a photo-journalist, I abide by certain ethics when it comes to my photography. All photographs are as captured by the camera with some retouching. Retouching includes noise reduction, cropping, color balance, brightness/contrast, levels, and the rare blemish removal. Black & White is done in-camera. Anything else will be mentioned in the image notes with the word "composite" or details of the specific changes. HDR (High Dynamic Range) images are considered composites.

The Gear

  • Canon Powershot G7 (March 2007 – Present)
  • Canon Powershot S500 (March 2005 – March 2007)
  • SanDisk CompactFlash (S500) and SD (G7) memory
  • Sony Vaio laptop w/ Ubuntu Linux for field work
    • Custom software for offloading the camera memory
    • F-Spot for shot selection
  • Custom built desktop w/ Ubuntu Linux for “production” and &lduo;post” work
    • Drobo disk array
    • Adobe Photoshop
    • GIMP (photo editing software)
    • Noise Nijna (stand-alone and plugin) for noise reduction
    • ImageMagick
    • ExifTool and JHead for reading and writing the EXIF data.
    • Custom scripts to automate post-production

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